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March 7, 2022
By samantha934 SILVER, Homewood, Illinois
samantha934 SILVER, Homewood, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic."

Women aren’t funny.

But, everytime I crack a joke with other girls, they laugh.

Women are distracting.

Maybe if we taught little boys to mind their own business, we wouldn’t be.

Girls shouldn’t wear that, it's for boys.

Maybe if we didn’t have to pay more for gendered clothes, we could wear what we choose.

Don’t be so difficult.

Calling me outside my name gives me a reason to be irritated. 

What are you on your period?

Yes, actually. Ask me again and I’ll shove a tampon up your nose.

Don’t be so hormonal.

Did you know that hormone is testosterone?

What was she wearing?

Skin, just like the rest of us.

Was she asking for it?

Were you asking for my fist in your face?

Was she somewhere she shouldn’t have been?

I’m sorry, are there areas where it’s Okay to violate someone?

Not all--

You’re right, but by saying that, you become one of them.

Well not every woman gets harassed, so somehow she must have deserved it.

1 in 3 women deserve to be harrassed? I didn’t.

Well, what were you wearing?

A sweatshirt and sweatpants in a gas station, thank you very much.

Well, maybe if--

No, nope, I didn’t do anything to have my chest goggled at. 

Why didn’t you…

What, say something and risk escalation?

Hear that? 


I work twice as hard to be seen as intelligent because of my hair and my gender,

To be called a know-it-all.

I stayed away from boys just so that they could make up stories about being with me anyway.

I didn’t deserve to be sexualized just because I’m a woman,

I don’t deserve to pay more to live just because I am a woman,

I don’t deserve your sympathy, I deserve your action.

Do not support the abusers,

Do not support the patriarchy,

Support the women living in it.

Support me, support them, support us.

Do something about it.

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