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A Way Out

February 19, 2022
By Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
Reesee GOLD, Cicero, New York
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"Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin."

Shaking the ground

I'm breaking down

Thinking I'm on my own right now

And nobody sees me

What am I doing?


Rolling up my sleeves

Getting ready for the haul

My next big dream

And the voices in my head said I would fall


I'm stronger that they thing

And people say I overdo everything

And they're not wrong

But it's my pen, my pencil, my life, get gone


Cuz I'm tired 

Eyes gone red

I'm building up

To protect

My heart and my head

I have a thick skull

Did you forget?


Telling me all my life I have no friends

Pulling my hair

Calling me a d*ke

Spit-Spatting on my shoes

I swear I'll never be like you


The woman of the house decided I was unworthy

At the age of three and I was on the potty

'Mommy where'd you go?" "Mommy, where you at?"

Oh she disappeared but she'll be right back


Where did you go?

Just wanted to let you know

You set me up for failure

Made me blame myself

But it was never about me

It was about how you felt!


My father did his very best

To stop my tears

Clean up this mess

That you made!

Do you feel sorry?

This never would've happened if you truly loved me


Screaming and shouting 

Deep in my lungs

I want to free

Myself from this bleeding


Choking up on words in my throat

Tying my hands up so I don't have hope

But I have teeth

I have claws

I have pride

I have made some wrongs


But that doesn't make me any less of a human being

I am myself and yes I am different

We all make mistakes

End up in the wrong place 

And you can't control your fate

But you can control the words that escape


And no matter how much you bleed

You will understand yourself more than any other human being

But in this moment of desperation

Remember this please

There is a way out

Just wait and see

The author's comments:

Oh my gosh, so I wrote this out just now in my notes on my Ipad because I wanted to write a poem. But I had no idea it would turn into this, I think I just had a breakthrough, this was like therapy, lmk if you enjoyed this in the comments below and give this a thumbs up if you like it! Seriously though, I just scared myself LOL.

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