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Not Who I Am

December 8, 2021
By eve240042 GOLD, Papillion, Nebraska
eve240042 GOLD, Papillion, Nebraska
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Literally just be yourself. You are amazing and all anybody wants is for you to be yourself.

I’m being told to write 

I have to pretend like I’m doing things

I have to pretend that I’m working

I have to pretend I’m okay

I have to pretend like nothing phases me

If I show too much emotion,

I’m sensitive

If I show too little,

I’m selfish.

What do you want me to be?

Do you want me to be quieter

Or do you want me to be louder?

Do you want me to tell you everything

Or do you want me to keep it inside of me?

The things you say

Do not shape me into who I am,

Only I can do that.

It’s not your life, I need you out of it

It’s none of your business, 

I need you to p*ss off

Are your opinions about me important?

Or are they just opinions?

The author's comments:

Just a little rant :)

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