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queen bee

November 5, 2021
By hksingh24 BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
hksingh24 BRONZE, Troy, Michigan
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you left me when i needed you most.

you left me and when i asked for your support,

you said i came a little short

of what you needed.

you said i needed to calm down, maybe my feet should

touch the ground

once in a while.

but i don’t think you understand

Dreamers don't land

until we’ve Made It. 


you see, i had a plan

i was in dreamland 


you left me

it broke me shattered me made it hard to breathe and

i choked every time i spoke because i thought i wasn't worth it.


i guess that's what it's like

to have poison seep into your life.


but i refuse to be dragged down any longer.


i’m not your perfect prototype

you and i aren’t alike

i don’t fit into the mold you create

but that doesn't make it okay for you to hate


i do things my own way

and i don’t care at all what they say


who are you 

to tell me what i can and can’t do?

who are you

to boss me around when you don't have a clue?

who are you

to think you have power over me?

who are you

don't you know we are all free?

who are you 

to say the stars can’t be rewritten

that i should just conform, try to fit in?

i am who i am and that's enough for me

in my own hive






who are you to challenge me?

The author's comments:

I'm a people pleaser. I try to do everything to make others happy and take others' interests to heart before I consider my own. I never made space for my own feelings and opinions, wondering who I was to be an individual. But no longer will I stand quiet, because I have a right to think for myself.

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on Nov. 8 2021 at 9:14 am
Bumble_Bee PLATINUM, New Athens, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"You will be found" -Dear Evan Hansen

I love this!! Especially the queen bee part! You are the queen bee; don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! <333