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The Cold

August 19, 2021
By Elizabeth004 GOLD, Eastman, Georgia
Elizabeth004 GOLD, Eastman, Georgia
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why am I so cold?

why does my heart beat slower?

is it even real?

this ice that continuously floods my veins

why is it there?

a constant reminder of the lasting warmth of an embrace

a constant fear of the compassion I always lack

should I embrace the cold?

as no other wishes to embrace me

I feel the numbness spreading

all that's left is the constant ache in my chest

the constant cold stabbing through my heart

is this it?

is this the end of the cold?

will I be alone once its gone?

this cold that I have learned to call friend

for no other wishes to embrace my heart

as this cold has dared to do so


so now I must say goodbye to my only friend

The Cold

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