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The Cycle of Love

June 18, 2021
By Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
what if we’re like butterflies

Its you I would go to

As the world ends

You've got a way with words

And calming my nerves

You would end every worry

I have felt love before,

Before you

And I have loved before,

Before you

And I can probably say I have been in love,

Before you

And I have lived without you, 

Before you

And now I have met you,

I love you

And now I will love you,

I love you

Longer than I have known you, 

I love you

My first and last thought of each day

Not for a second were we ever friends

The one I love more then love extends

The one I will love as the world ends

It was/will always be you

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