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June 6, 2021
By Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
Ela2611 PLATINUM, Vancouver, Columbia
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Give the ones you love , the wings to fly roots to come by and reasons to stay …….

      What's the fuss ?

      What's the fuss?

      Everybody seems to be in such a rush.....

      Heading to British Columbia from all over,

      Including Nambia and Zambia ...........

      In search of "Gold" leaving their household

      Each day, descending into the hole 

      Making a living digging "Coal"

      One day dreaming to be a "Diviner " as a 

                           " Miner "

The author's comments:

Hi, I am Ela . This would be my 4th poem published on Teen Ink . I would continue to write poems to inspire others . It's one of my passions. 

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