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To Hear The Cries

June 4, 2021
By R_70 GOLD, Edison, New Jersey
R_70 GOLD, Edison, New Jersey
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The day I concluded family

you were in the bar 

starting the party

while she was ending

the celebration of zero despair

zero ignorance in the week

the cries for milk grew

as the milk that once held it all together

spilled out of the thread leaving it tangled

and in shreds

like me


The day the two wheels left 

only the cries after every fall 

were heard as

my body and heart were bruised

and in pieces

but as always

someone had to

be deaf


The day my guy went off

there was darkness

illuminating the room

that will hold 

my next baby

although my spirits

that still echo in there

will haunt her next


I just wish there was

a chapter in my old textbook

called how

to hear the cries

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