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I Should've Asked Your Name

May 19, 2021
By Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
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what if we’re like butterflies

My first mistake was not talking to you

But you never talked to me either

 I never even asked your name 

But you already knew mine

And by the time I did ask, it was too late

You were already with someone great

But I still took you to your date, with the great guy that I despised

And I know how you don't like french fries, so you improvise

And fall for the guys with blue eyes, and brown hair

But cant you see how hard I try not to stare

It's hard not to care, when that could've been us

But thats my mistake, and i'm sorry love

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