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The Beautiful Moon

May 7, 2021
By Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
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what if we’re like butterflies

You told me to write about the moon, and what it means to me

But what it means to me is more than what you could believe

It's almost like i've been there before, a world meant to explore

A world, meant to adore

The moon might just be as bright as your eyes, on the fourth of july

Sitting under the sky, searching for stars

It's too bad its so far

But somethings are meant to love from a distance, and that includes our solar system

The beautiful light, that gives us out wisdom

So you asked me what the moon might mean to me

And I just think its one beautiful scene, with life and death in between

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