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May 1, 2021
By softcresent BRONZE, Sutherland, Virginia
softcresent BRONZE, Sutherland, Virginia
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roses grow thorns to protect themselves
from being scorned
by people who only want to place them on
not realizing that
even the most beautiful flowers
need more water than they are praised
- daniel sumter

And there we were, playing outside with the chalk we seen as magic 

We never once had a care in the world, never crying over boys

We only ever cried over cut knees after falling down on the sidewalk

Racing out those school doors that led to the play ground as if our life depended on it

Yelling over who was able to get on the swings or who was to go down the slide first

We only ever worried about if the computer in the computer lab worked so you could sit next to your best friend

Never about colleges, those who would give us broken hearts

The night before the big field trip we were so restless, we never wanted to sleep 

We'd have a huge crush on One Direction, inlove with their songs

When we would always want those magazines that would talk about the latest celeb gossip, such as Justin Bieber or Taylor from Twilight

If it was team Edward or Jacob

But then, we grew up

Leaving to go middle school, trying to figure out who we were as a person

Trying to fit in with all of the popular people

Loom bands died down, it was now if you had the newest Iphone or something of the such 

We soon found out that rejection could truly hurt

Our outlook on the world slowly faded into trueness 

We were so ready for the highschool, to be the cool older kids we used to be so jealous of 

Boy oh boy, we had been wrong

Grades truly started to matter, not that they never did, but it mattered more now

We went from playing as if we had a job, to now looking for part time jobs to make money

Makeup was always for fun dress up, but now it was to make you stand out 

The better it looked the more you were noticed 

What you wore mattered, what you owned mattered, what you ate mattered, everything that used to not matter to us as kids, now mattered to everyone

We now had to worry about if we were going to college 

Soon the day came where we walked across the stage and went into adulthood

We now stressed about taxes, paying bills on time

There was going to be a day where I was one day going to be someones wife/husband 

I would have a kid of my own, to soon follow more

But I would stress about my first child, not knowing what to do or if I was doing it right

I had my adulthood straight 

I knew the day would come where I watched my child grow up and leave childhood and come into adulthood and face all of the things that I did 

Days would grow longer but shorter in a way

I would stare in the mirror, looking at my gray in the mirror thinking about my life 

The day would come i was clingin' onto my last breath and think about all of the things I could've done and said, but never did




We played on the sidewalk, watching the grown ups talk and laugh

We couldn't wait to grow up

But boy oh boy, we were wrong

Now we wish time would rewind or slow down

Even if it were just for a few seconds

But time still flows on, no matter how much we want it to stop

That is the part of growing up, because nothing is forever...

The author's comments:

I was just sitting there and all of a sudden I started thiking about how scared I was of growing up. But look, enjoy being young while you can, like truly. I know a lot of people say it, but I don't think many people tell the outcome of the future, of how it will be. As said, one day we will day gray hair and look back on her life, what we did and didn't do, what we could've done and said but didn't. Like, enjoy where you are now in life. But really, I hope you can enjoy this. I know that I did while making this. 

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Normal people don't know what they're missing.

Incredibly wise observations.