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Modern Frankenstein

April 15, 2021
By AceAnne BRONZE, Morrison, Colorado
AceAnne BRONZE, Morrison, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Well, my friends praise me and make me look like an idiot, while my enemies tell me straightforwardly that I am an idiot. My enemies help me understand myself better, which is an advantage, and my friends help me lie about myself, which is a disadvantage. So if four negatives make two affirmatives, I’m worse off because of my friends and better off because of my foes." - Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

I wish I could give myself to you,

After all only break my own heart,

So take apart my broken pieces,

And give life to the thing you wanted me to be.

Simplify those complex systems,

Replace my wires with cogs and wheels,

Pull me down from my place in the clouds,

So I might know Earth as the others do,

In a world where I’m a riddle,

Answer me like “everyone” in “everyone else”,

Because if in the end I’m remade a monster,

At least that monster belongs to you.

The author's comments:

In this poem, I really tried to showcase the pain of feeling different and wishing you could fit in. It's a feeling like no other - to wish that you could allow yourself to be remade in someone else's image in order to be included in thier circle. We ourselves are the modern Frankensteins. We change ourselves and warp our image to create a monsterouse characture of what we think we need to be in order to belong in the world, and this poem goes out to anyone who has ever felt this way before. I just want to remind everyone that they don't have to change themselves for society, and should instead celebrate their differences and their own unique ways of contributing to the world around them.

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