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March 23, 2021
By CJ-The-Tall-Poet SILVER, San Diego, California
CJ-The-Tall-Poet SILVER, San Diego, California
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                                            This has been around for a long time

                                              Something about it hurts my mind

                                                  Nothing about racism is fine

                                          It might even make my eyes go blind

                                                  Tell me why racism is ok

                       It’s a messed up thing people that still exists today

                                                Why judge someone’s race

                            When it might lead to anger, sadness, and hate

                  It creates barriers between people around planet earth

           and make individuals question the importance of self-worth

                           We all bleed red, different skin shouldn’t matter

                                  But we are still stuck on that twisted ladder

             Society made progress but there’s more work to do done

               Everybody should make an effort to be nice to everyone

                                     People shouldn’t accept this form of hate

                         They should make a change and not discriminate

                                      Racism makes me sad and frustrated

                                     When I hear about it, I get aggravated

                                      It’s messed up how humans can be

                                                Racism is unnecessary  

                                            It can’t be solved overnight

                                             But it can cause lots of fistfight 

                                         I believe racism will end someday

                                        Probably when my hair turns grey

                                            All the conflicts will finally end

                                    So the world will be together once again

                                          Then I can go to sleep at night

                                    Looking at the stars shining bright lights

                                      Realizing what we finally achieved

                                      A world that is completely racism-free

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem 3 years ago during 9th grade.

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