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And We Shall Fly

March 17, 2021
By Anonymous

I should be able to

Wear whatever I feel

Walk whenever I like

Do whatever I want

Without aggression and strife

You say “not all men”

But enough is enough

For all the women who have been





It isn’t because a man is strong willed

It is because “woman is property”

It is because a boy should be aggressive

And a girl, hardly so

For the sake of society, I should never leave the home

“But that’s over,” you say

That is nothing short of wrong

The patriarchy is here

And it smothers out my song

Girl, love yourself

For nothing isn’t yours

Your voice has the power,

And it will travel shore to shore

Our chests



Were never yours to have

But when we fight against you

You just sit there and laugh

We will not be silenced

You will hear our voice prevail

For when we all unite as one

Our dreams cannot fail

We are not your



Apples of your eye

We are women above all,

And above all, we shall fly

The author's comments:

This poem was written in response to the violence against women. This poem shows that through all the abuse, trial, and turmoil that women face and endure every day, we will rise.

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