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I'm Tired

March 7, 2021
By Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
Ryleigh-bish DIAMOND, Ashtabula, Ohio
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what if we’re like butterflies

When I lay down and close my eyes, that's when all my thoughts come to mind

I could write and write, all through the night

Even when i'm tired, I can't sleep

There are words, that need to be heard 

By ears that need to listin, nothing is how it appears 

I get bored, then start shutting everyone out

I'm tired of feeling peoples eyes judging me, and then me running from the fear

I hate being seen, i'd rather be dreaming

I'm a dreamer and a believer, I want to achieve and succeed

I believe in the unseen, I have no faith in humanity

My heart feels so many emotions, they are deeper than the oceans 

Sometimes I can no longer stay calm, my mind is like an explosion

I used to believe in devotions, till my heart turned into erosion

Im beyond tired, but that's just how i'm wired

I no longer have the energy to respond, so I nod

Where is God now, isn't that odd

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