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When The Pain Drains

February 27, 2021
By CrystalMelody GOLD, X, Other
CrystalMelody GOLD, X, Other
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I think i am a hedgehog.

My spikes ever prickle

keeping people good or ill away.

Inside blood ever trickle

It trickles down like a tear.

Fearing not death's sickle

Just another fall to pass by.

Unlike those so fickle

A drop to end all pain.

If it shall cripple

For what should i care anymore.

If my pain tripple

Then maybe all would simply numb.

with nothing id grapple


Or perhaps I am a turtle.

Always in my shell

Hidden deep away safe and sad.

No shut in cell

Locked away in my mind's bars.

Why must i tell

The tumult within when words fail.

Can inner panic swell

When there is no emotion within.

Where cold nothingness dwell

Deep within my ever aching chest.

No longer needs repell

i dont want to lose it.

for my identity compell

stripped of it i wouldn't be.


Or perhaps I'm just a girl.

Soft vulnerable and weak

Maybe that's why my heart bleeds.

Though i now leak

And my bleeding heart run dry.

An old door creaks

My heart has no oil left.

After the pains peak

Everything is so empty so colorless.

Now I'm a freak

A freak of emotion and hollowness.

Experiment of hateful technique

I can hardly care of what.

I cease to seek

Color of which has failed me.

The author's comments:

i have no context for whatever that pain is, i have no clue where it came from. i am not depressed or suicidal, despite what my poetry makes me out as. that is a deep, deep, deep, very dark reservoir of my soul wherever that came from. it might be about abuse i cant remember.

and when i am upset i recover quickly and normally. that sounds like a deeply traumatized person talking, i dont think i am.

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