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Mother Oh' Mother

January 15, 2021
By Leonafuerte BRONZE, Reford, Michigan
Leonafuerte BRONZE, Reford, Michigan
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Mother oh’ Mother

When will the day come

When you will see how my heart yearns for you?

I've worked so hard to see bright days

But all i see is rain,

Sad and gloomy, all alone

But there is ¨family¨ all around

My heart is hurting and my soul has yet to be found,

I think about you all the time,

I think of Ella and Eli too,

But when i think too hard i realize this is all because of you,

We haven't talked since november 5th of the prior year,

Sometimes i want to tell you all the things you never wanted to hear,

How you destroyed me and made me feel less,

How you put me down even when i was feeling my best,

You took the love i had for you and used it against everything i do

My entire life has been devoted to making you proud

But the truth of the matter is i should have done it for me,

Mother oh’ Mother,

Why don't you love me so?

Maybe i'm better off without you

You are just like ¨Poison¨ 

Bell, Biv, Devoe

The author's comments:

Struggling with an emotionally and physically abusive mother for 18 years of my life has made me the person i am today. Im trying to stay strong and i try to do so through writing. My life has been a mess. im not ashamed to admit it, but that does not define me or who i am. I am strong. I will make it. I can do this. for me.

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