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At Dawn

November 1, 2019
By Nightmare_Beauty GOLD, Upton, Kentucky
Nightmare_Beauty GOLD, Upton, Kentucky
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Every experience is individual. Nobody can experience the same exact thing as you in that same exact way.

I finish the stacks of dishes,

At dawn.

I finish the stacks of paperwork,

At dawn.

Why at dawn you ask?

I am a Mother,

A Sister,

A Scholor,

An Artist,

The "4.0",


The coworker.

And everything in between.

No time for play.

No time for chores.

No time for realxing.

No time for paperwork.

This is my daily life.

I am 16.

I am the middle child.

I am the "good child".

I am the disapointment at times too.

I am all these things yet,

When can i be only one thing.


I can't.


I finish the stacks of dishes,

At Dawn.

I finish the stacks of paperwork,

At Dawn.

At Dawn...

I drink my tea,

At Dawn.

Dreaming about the day,

I can finally be me.

The author's comments:

My cousins now live with my family, one 5 the other 2. I am put into many parental responsibilities that a 16 year old should not be responsible's crushing and a lot of work...

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