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Good Morning, My Love

October 5, 2019
By GrayGirl SILVER, Greenwood Village, Colorado
GrayGirl SILVER, Greenwood Village, Colorado
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Good morning, my love

Open window

Shedding newborn air

Into my lungs

Inhale her

Exhale her

There is nothing more beautiful

Then the newly formed sun

Left shimmering

On the crystal watered lawns

Of a bleary-eyed neighborhood

Cold remnants

Of the swaddling night

Pink blood of the moon

Left stained in the clouds

A million times

We have described this magic

Yet, it still stops me in my tracks

Good morning, my love

My earth

My home

What a wonderful

Morning to be alive

The author's comments:

"Good Morning, My Love" is a love letter to nature. How, even after a long night, the day never ceases to be reborn with new, hopeful beauty.  

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