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Test My Sacred Death

October 5, 2019
By GrayGirl SILVER, Greenwood Village, Colorado
GrayGirl SILVER, Greenwood Village, Colorado
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The day fell away under my feet

Leaving me turning 

In hopeless oblivion

Looking in vain for footfalls

Don’t test the limits of endlessness

Don’t trust the mountains you call home

Tomorrow I am supposed to die

What if tomorrow never comes

What if endings reverse until morning

Steal me away

Chased by fate to boundary

Hidden in that mountain crevice

Breaths hoarded in my throat

Tomorrow will be a new day

Sun will rise, stars will fall

Call my name,

But I won't answer 

The author's comments:

"Test My Sacred Death" is a testament to change, the only constant. It is a message of mortality and the idea that we should make the most of the moments we are given. 

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dianasauce said...
on Dec. 3 2019 at 3:06 pm
dianasauce, Pomona, California
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Favorite Quote:
i hate myslef

this guy above me doesnt know what hes talking about, i literally cried while reading the first word of this. so inspirational you should like stop writing please for the sake of all of our tears and our wifes

on Dec. 3 2019 at 9:04 am
enigmaticteen, Trivandrum, Other
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Wow.This poem gives me feels.