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The raging storm

July 21, 2019
By Zara101 BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
Zara101 BRONZE, New Delhi, Other
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Droplets of rain pour from the heavens above,
Carrying the calming scent of wet sand
The clouds open their doors at last
And I lie gazing at them from far below on the land

The clouds clash and roar 
As lightning strikes fast
The sky painted in hues of grey,
Welcome, thy rain gods, at last

As the droplets of rain, as big as my palms,
Wet my unkempt hair,
Up at the mystical sky, lit up by flashes of light,
At the rumbling clouds, I stare.

The wind howls, the storm rages on, 
But I do not care
Up at the mystical sky, the silent stars,
At the smiling moon, I stare.

The icy wind slaps my face,
But I have no wish to leave, no such desire 
For warming me from within in this shrieking storm,
Is my ever burning fire....

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