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growing into my skin

June 15, 2019
By eunoia BRONZE, Stamford, Connecticut
eunoia BRONZE, Stamford, Connecticut
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time has passed since

my body was a stranger.

kind of like the sinister hotel

you didn’t really want to stay in

but you must

because the nearest gas station

is over five miles away

and you are just. so. tired.

i could feel geese honking and

chewing out of my chest.

the streets were barren and worn,

drunken flowers littered the

pores, little sand beaches wrapped

up in storms.

this is a new place now. a

softness has nestled up here,

the buildings were built with

earthquake protection, fun little

flecks of sun are scattered

throughout my tongue.

but with newness comes

learning and growing and

change. i am learning how to

become one with the warmth.

and oh, how i want to be on fire.

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