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June 10, 2019
By rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
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oh i'm so sick of it sick of all these

meaningless sacrifices

and all the worthless compromises

oh it's all just upto me

noone really bothers to know

the blame is always on me

i ain't good for nothin'

that's what they think about me

oh they hate me

so much, all their care and affinity shown

was just to show their duty is fulfilled

by the end of the day 

no one introspects themselves

and i'm the one left heart broken

full of emotions

feel so dumb to have cared for those

like always who never ever chose me

it leaves me numb at the end

disgusted by myself

into deep thought

if it was all my mistake

or all of ours

to have left us in such a dilemma

mislead by each other

messed up beautiful lives

so easily lead us all apart

into the dark 

blind to the facts

and just stuck to our lies

by which we all satisfy our egos

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