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June 9, 2019
By rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
rylin GOLD, Mangalore, Other
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yeah life's pretty enjoyable with you now

all that wierdness and lame jokes are funny

those small moments are hard to forget

buti know how it would end too

with you and me far from each other

and like every single time the reason could be

that the both of us found better benzoos

and like every single time 

i would be able to let go

and even the life is cynical and moves on

i'll find it hard to forget 

and slowly my loss will turn to hatred

i would curse myself for losing you

and think it as all my fault

when it was actually the both of us

i would try unsuccessfully to reconnect

but the awkward silence makes it deafening

so i'd just leave it at thst

but u know what your past always haunts you

u would come back but i can't forget you yet

all that guilt of prev years will washme

and i'd sit and think again

of the people i've let slip by

and burn all that memory

by the flames of anger

as i waste away

to the confinements of the painless sleep

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