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May 11, 2019
By WinterSunSummerSnow SILVER, Miami, Florida
WinterSunSummerSnow SILVER, Miami, Florida
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I mean what I think, I don't think what I say.

"it's a myth", they say

they don't hear it

they're deaf and they dont hear it

they don't hear

the crash of falling ice

it's all "a myth"

the rush of misplaced water onto the unsuspecting shore

that's "a myth" too

the mourning song of the whales


"it's not a big deal", they say

they don't see it

they're blind and they dont see it

they don't see

miles upon miles of

"it's not a big deal"

piled up

shoved away

"it's not a big deal" is in the oceans


we're sliding back into the ocean from whence we came. all of us

we all need to work together but there's always someone who doesn't feel like it


but that's just how it goes, huh?


just another

7.1 billion

biting the







(of course not; 7.1 billion is a myth too)

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