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Where Demons Live

May 4, 2019
By LightCore1995 BRONZE, Concord, North Carolina
LightCore1995 BRONZE, Concord, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"When you think about the darkness in the world, lives change.

When you think about the light in the world, the darkness disappears."

I hear a faint and restless noise,

like a stormy night at sea,

Deep within my very soul,

and deep within a mind of own,

Like monsters in a cage of old,

seeking mind both young and bold,

So willing yet to set them free,

and see the world the way they see.

When I close my eyes to think,

On wonderous and happy things,

No one from the depths of hell,

could live so long that they could tell

How cages give and bars they break,

till every good has met their fate.

And screams they reign into the night,

till peaceful things have lost their fight.

It is a place but yet its not,

Where horrors boil you in their pots,

Yet pain is not a word from here,

it only fills with dark and fear,

They torture you with dark illusions,

till the world is dark delusions,

Damage cannot be reversed,

for every time its ever worse.

It’s a world you cannot see,

where evil reigns and goodness flees,

Every tree becomes a gallow,

every stick becomes an arrow,

Countless monsters pierce the night,

with a new and wondrous fright,

No one could ever try to see,

for all of them are all for one and one is me!

Till Deep within the mind of own,

drawn upon a broken stone,

When fun is had and soul is shattered,

heart is torn and brain is tattered,

Satan yells above the screams,

of terrors as they fill my dreams,

“Let me out so they may see a mind with hell at full degree!”

The author's comments:

I am a young author, and have trouble looking at the world as if it is perfect. The mind Is a wild and dangerous thing if not harnessed properly, especially in todays world. I want people to see what can happen when the dark parts of your mind run away from you, to places that you never thought they could go. I am not a dark and evil person: I only understand what dark and evil things can do. That is why I wrote this poem.

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flash14 BRONZE said...
on May. 14 2019 at 11:21 am
flash14 BRONZE, Cape Canaveral, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
never put of till tomorrow what you can do today

@ this poem is really great

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