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Break The Silence

April 22, 2019
By dthomas12 GOLD, New City, New York
dthomas12 GOLD, New City, New York
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Emptiness rips me to shreds

I wish I could escape

Oh this life of mine I hate

I wish I could learn to shape

Before ruining my fate

A silent, passive ghost

That’s what I’ve become

Barely getting by

Feeling dumb

And withering in glum

Wake up and speak

I urge my ghostly self

Your life is full of choice

I let each chance I get pass

As the pain gets the best of me in class

My heart begins to burn through my chest

As I get lost in a tunnel of distress

Trembling as if I’m cold

Worsening with no control

Heart racing at the speed of light

Dazzled like a deer at headlights

The walls are closing in

Voices from within

Are starting to cave in

Lungs twisted in a knot

Making air get stuck in a clot  

Clock is ticking

Water is dripping

Body getting numb

Head starting to drum

With hundreds of thoughts filing my mind

Hoping for everything in my path to align

Explosions in my head

Each moment I dread

This darkness swallows me up like a cancer

It gets harder and harder to find an answer

I know it's just a phase

I hope it’s end is near

I’m tired of this same old maze

That’s trapping me in fear

I know I’m in a cycle

An endless, spinning wheel

Afraid to take the plunge

And face up to what is yet to come

I will close my eyes and dream about the day

Where I will finally slay

When I break out of my shell

I will no longer dwell

I will be released

And finally at peace

The author's comments:

I have always struggled with the fear of public speaking due to having low confidence. I hope to one day break out of my shell and become a good speaker.

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