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Drunk Calls

April 20, 2019
By ahg.nj SILVER, Bergen County, New Jersey
ahg.nj SILVER, Bergen County, New Jersey
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Sometimes distance is needed to see things clearly

A host of empty glasses and broken bottles

Dulled trophies acting as reminders of lost battles and cries of mercy

Perhaps being right is not as


as being in love

His phone rings on repeat

Like an anthem for their heartbreak, it is the most bittersweet cry

Arguments, lies, broken promises, violation, and all that is in between

Such awful memories translated into notes, a forced melody encompasses their sunken hearts once


One line radiates alcohol while the other emits the heaviest kind of regret

A deadly combination; a momentary affair so frequent they feel only shame having to remind each other for the one-millionth time,

Don’t say anything you will regret

Unpacked boxes and empty picture frames, parallel to empty drawers and yellowing bruises

Loneliness seeps into every crevice of their subconscious, permeates their spirit, and submerges its victims in anguish

A desperate attempt to resurrect a once magnificent love

It hurt that she always called him when she was drunk

But it hurt more when she


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