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April 7, 2019
By TimberW0LF SILVER, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
TimberW0LF SILVER, Bushkill, Pennsylvania
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Day 3 of no heat

Winter jackets to go  to sleep

Seven blankets on one bed

Seven kids who should’ve probably been dead.

Monica and Isaac couldn’t pay the bills

They wouldn't have too if he didn’t kick us out

The stove is turned on so we can get some heat

But now we have no fuel to eat…

Cereal from 3 weeks ago that no one wants

Eating food despite its faults

Hey, mom, can we go to a soup kitchen today, we’re sick of cereal!

Wish that we could but it’s too cold outside

Buses won't run, people will starve

Food stamps are drained but dad’s liquor closet is full!

“You know that check you got in the mail dad?”

What are you talking about?


Thanks for nothing dad

Dad? Dad? Dad…?

Beer, food, and another country

You used her to stay here

You deceived everyone that ever cared for you

She loved you and you didn’t

Is that why she acts like she does?

Afraid to trust people

Afraid to have feelings

Afraid to have emotions

She runs with no finish in sight, she falls but no one is there to catch her

She runs from her kids and her family

Yet she cries when no one says “Happy Mother’s Day”

She is no mom, she’s hardly a parent

Is it because of you that we have to freeze?

Your heart is so cold that you would rather see us freeze than deal with your own problems?

Hold on a litter longer, school is tomorrow…

Unless it snows

Go outside see what you can “get” from the store

But mom, it’s cold outside

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