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March 19, 2019
By KelvinGrzelak BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
KelvinGrzelak BRONZE, Forest Park, Illinois
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It Twas when we met in that one special club

sooner or later I'd fall into love

But, alas, my feelings should end

As you are hitched to my former friend





The kinds of traits we all need in life

Now it’s not to be creepy

Weird or absurd

Because after all

My words are just words

If I wrote an

Articulate Astonishing Alliterated Art

It still would not mean what it meant in my heart

A forceful fire that wouldn't stop if I tried

That was the way that i felt inside

But the fire kept growing

Your words as the logs

Even if i don't tend to it

It stays just as strong

And I won't attempt to win your heart

Nor would I ever try

But I'll be here for you

The long-haired weird guy

The author's comments:

This was written as if to say what I could not, as my confidence has plummeted, especially when I am around this person.

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