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Forbidden Past

March 13, 2019
By Tala_B_ BRONZE, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Tala_B_ BRONZE, Grantsburg, Wisconsin
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Be true to yourself. That's something everyone says and no one means. No one wants you to be yourself. They want you to be the version of yourself that they like. -Marie Lu (The Young Elites)

I once lived normally without all my scars

Once my coat didn’t adorn a gold star

But the Nazis sent that life afar

Away away away from me

And into the deep Mediterranean Sea

No more business no more school

They just think we are all fools

They blame us for the war they lost

Now I am paying the cost

They came one day and I was sent

I was sent without consent

I arrived at the station feeling bleek

I stayed quiet even though I wanted to shriek

The German Rail Company sent me away

Away away still I am to this day

When I got to the camp I lied about my past

Over and over I lied so fast

To cover up my forbidden past

Showers loom in the distance so strong

Will it be gas? No one knows til they’re gone

People come here more and more

But I might never hear them snore

Because they are pointed away

Away away I know they are to this day

I’m lucky to have survived this long

One day I might wake with a bong

My roommate is dead

She’s gone from her bed

Over and over I’ve survived here

What they will do with me is not yet clear

They gave me some bread than sent me to bed

I went out and snuck to the shed

I’ve been planning this for awhile now

For I am a escaping frau

I snuck around quiet as ever

I asked for help and they said “no never”

I tried to escape with no one near

But they found me and I filled with fear

They pointed their guns with no one around

They took me away away with a sound

My fate is sealed

There is no curtain

I know they just think of us as a burden

This world war it took me away

Away away still I am to this day

The author's comments:

I wrote this last year in LA when we had to do a holocaust project. We had read a poem written by someone in the Holocaust and it really inspired me. 

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