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Poem of lies

March 13, 2019
By smilechild SILVER, Daytona Beach, Florida
smilechild SILVER, Daytona Beach, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
it is not in the stars that hold our destiny it is in ourselves.- shakespeare

My name is Inigo Montoya.
I’ve slayed a thousands suns.
I stole their light and made broadway.

The will of the world depends on my mood.
The earth is a marble in my palm.
A dragon sings songs about my power.

Kind Midos only had 1% of my power.
I can speak to the Lovecraftian monstrosities.
The monsters in the mist are my pets.

I was the one who killed latin.
I am never one to act petty.
You should make me mad, just to see what happens.

I speak Klingon.
I created time and space.
My hair was once a pile of snakes.

I am a true Greek god.
You shall never remember my name.
I am not invincible.

My skin is made of molten steel.
My fingernails cry the forwarning of man.
There is always tomorrow.

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