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#1 The Light MAG

February 26, 2019
By EvakQ8 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
EvakQ8 SILVER, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Hey, kid! Hey you in the midway!

Don’t blow your lid ok?

I see, somebody got you wrapped up in what you did or didn’t do and you’ve lost the ability to slay

Hey, kid, it’s fine, ok, alright

We may make them sorry without a fight, kid.

And then you and me can make it alright, kid.

And after it all we might catch a glimpse of the light.

What? You’ve never heard of the Light?

Well damn whatcha been hiding under?

No it’s not the thunder and might it’s
the Light!

It’s not God or Adonai or a floating flaming ball in the sky

It’s not the sun or the stars or mars, mars bars, Bruno Mars, sports cars,

Superstars, jam jars, or JZ’s bars, kid,

It’ll get rid of your scars, kid,

The ones on the inside, when your flipside

When you’re sinking under

When you miss your mother  

When someone other than your lover kissed you

When your lover says that they never missed you

When someone fills you lover with another’s bliss you

Start to feel insane your brain

Your body’s mainframe is

Beaten and broken and lame

When you wish it was game

When the one who used to keep you

Just stood you up

They used to bring you up

And now they break you down

When you going downtown and you see a clown dressed in blue

He looks down sees that you’re brown and decides to shoot you

And with the last breath you drew

you professed your love for the lover who never truly knew you

Your red alive heart goes cold and blue

Hey, kid it’s ok, kid

I never knew that you had been through this, kid

But i’ve been there too, kid

So lets fight, kid

For what’s right, kid

Lets get everybody together and

tell them we’re all birds of a feather

Gay, straight, or whatever forever

We’ll be the lever that turns the world on

Everyone will be content when we’re gone

Hey, kid, you’re right, kid

The dream that keeps you alive is the light, kid

I love you

The author's comments:

Heres a little light that might help the fight against the night. for all the kids out there remember i love you

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