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February 22, 2019
By Marysia PLATINUM, Halifax, Virginia
Marysia PLATINUM, Halifax, Virginia
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The river, scribbling its sketches

Of the passers-by, of the sights and lights of the city

In its reflections

Does not faze me.

I am indifferent

To the fair blossoms of Spring;

I am unmoved

By the splendor

Of the magnificent Cathedral.

The birds singing

A thousand melodies in unison

Do not bring joy to my ears;

The gentle rain

Caresses me,

But I do not grace it

With a reaction

For how can I love what I have gained

When I have lost all else?

The author's comments:

This poem draws inspiration from my favorite book, Victor Hugo's masterpiece Les Miserables. I read it in sixth grade and absolutely adored it, but I could not help but wonder what happened to Jeanne, the older sister of Jean Valjean, after she is last mentioned living in Paris with six of her seven children missing. I decided to channel her and write a poem from her point of view. 

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