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January 23, 2019
By Cladelli BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Cladelli BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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The cape is the cornerstone.

A sidekick, the dog

Some money from the piggy bank

And the hero’s well-off


Some goggles for fire protection

Rain boots for magical wards

Toy swords for the evil monsters

And a soda potion for when the going
gets tough


“Come on dad, adventure awaits!”

The mom eagerly partakes

A picnic blanket gathered,

And a feast with a cake


The car’s a cabriolet,

And the musty alley a sunny forest grove

Our hero is on his way

To the last adventure in his life, happily squared away

In the month of May.

The author's comments:

I wanted to speak to something I think is pretty universal, and that's the wonder of a child. An inspiration comes from Bill Watterson's work, Calvin and Hobbes, which is full of life and is truly a wonderful series of comic strips. 

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