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January 19, 2019
By MugK BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
MugK BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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 you watch as
 your blood paints
 the floor red
 falling to your
 broken knees

 the murderer glares
 at your
 shattered face
 that seems
 as if its
 been broken
 like a fragile
 glass vase
 which was
 tipped off
 its small stand

 she smirks
 then immediately
 thrusts her katana
 back through your
 gut that has
 already been
 impaled nineteen
 times prior

 you shriek
 immense pain
 traveling through your
 sobbing veins

 you crash to
 the hard
 concrete pavement
 your body
 drenched in
 your already
 spilled blood

 you try to
 get back up
 using all
 the energy
 you have left

 she steps on
 your back
 pushing you
 down, brutally

 she crouches
 and stares
 with cold
 lifeless eyes
 that are
 dull as
 a rock

 you try
 to glare back
 at her but
 all you can
 do is give
 in to the
 excruciating pain

 she stands
 back up
and walks away
 innocently whistling
 leaving you there
 like your
 nothing but
 a faint memory

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