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The Root Issue

January 14, 2019
By InkyOwl GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
InkyOwl GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Where Words fail, Music speaks.
~Hans Christian Anderson

I make a mistake;

I blunder, I trip.

You watch me fall;

You stand, towering over me, 

Not caring how or why I stumble.

I look up, eyes sparking defiantly,

But only to hide the glisten of tears.

You judge:


I burn under you gaze,

Receiving a yellow list of offenses.

They define me now,

For that is how you see me.

Ignoring the hidden plea,

Punishing imperfection from your righteous pedastal.

I am cast away:

Another promblem forgotten.


Your unwillingness to help me,

Your reluctance to get involved--

It scars me.

The thick callouses shield me,

Blocking the voices of future concern and advice.

I tread on through life,


My will stubborn;

More hardened by your words,

Than the fall itself.


It could have been avoided. 

You could have listened.

You had the chance to Intervene;

To change a life,

To mold a mind.


But you miss the root.

I never change.

You brushed away the chance to help.


I never change.

The author's comments:

     Many authourity figures focus on punishing mistakes, shunning, suspending, or forcing behaviour to simply dissapear, never adressing the actual problem. They brush it under the carpet, not wanting to deal with the tangled mess hidden under rebellion. They miss an opportunity to dig deep, take a mind or soul, and understand/improve the underlying anger, fear, pride, etc.

     Don't ignore the root issue, and simply throw a student in detention. Sit and talk with them. Don't just lecture a child for a tantrum. Find the emotional reason behind it. 


     Don't risk permenantly ingraining the character issues in them. Seek to help.

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