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Raw, Cleansing Power

January 10, 2019
By ccronk22 BRONZE, Weeping Water, Nebraska
ccronk22 BRONZE, Weeping Water, Nebraska
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You know in your bones,

when it breaks loose.

All leading up to the time,

there’s a tension in the air.

You feel it, know it

before the first bolt hits.


The air cools, and you smell the raw power.

A deep pitch-colored cloud rolls over the sun,

the sky is dark in an instant.

The swish of the wind’s breath in the trees

catches you, nips at your neck.

Chills roll down your back, you shiver.


The dark sky turns a shade darker,

A sudden roar masks all other sound

as the rain plows the grass and trees.

The curtain rushes up to you,

pelts your face as you stare at the sky.


Quickly, you turn and cover your face,

for you fear it.

You don’t know why,

But you fear it.


The tension in the air rises,

the hair on your arms rises with it.

A sudden gust of wind blasts into you,

and with it, terror strikes you.

A deep, primordial fear takes root in your chest.

You turn and run, though you cannot outrun this,

and you know it.


Instead, you run for home, your haven of comfort.

You reach the door, wrench it open.

You burst over the threshold,

and run to your room.

Under your bed lies a small dog.

Your friend.



She is also afraid, though she crawls out at the sight of you.

You run to her, embrace her, cradle her,

your relief cannot be contained!

You crawl up to your bed,

stare out the window at the raging storm.


The wind redoubles its efforts to flatten you and your friend.

The rain resurges at the tin roof,

you watch as a new river roars down your lawn.


The sky flares up orange as

a brilliant bolt of electricity slashes the sky in two.

It holds for many seconds, then disappears.

You watch the sky, now dark again.

You are awestruck with wonder.

And then it all stops.


The rain lets up, the wind halts in its tracks.

Your heart skips a beat, your dog whines.

A massive roll of thunder rips through you.

A small earthquake follows it, a book falls from the shelf.


Having calmed your friend, you lie down and wait for peace.

The dog wiggles up under your blankets, and sleep takes you both.



When you awake, your dog has moved up to be by your face,

Her breath tickles your nose.

You laugh, then sit up,

looking out the window.


The sky is bright again,

the clouds are in retreat.

The world is cleansed.


All which was bad in nature is gone.

Joyous, you spring from the bed!

Your friend follows,

padding on her small paws.


You open the door and step out

into beauty and joy.

The world is pure.

The birds sing, the bees buzz,

Your friend yips and bounds down the hill.

You are free and the world is fresh.

The author's comments:

This poem simply conveys the intensity you feel when a thunderstorm strikes.

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