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December 31, 2018
By auroraferrell BRONZE, Tustin, California
auroraferrell BRONZE, Tustin, California
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We were a run-on sentence,

blurring together but never meant to last,

we were each other’s semicolon;

But tonight, you put a period at the end of us,

and none of my exclamation points

could make you take it back.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered.

“I love you,” I blurted.

And you left it floating between us,

A lingering apostrophe possessing my heart.

So here I am, an escaped comma with nowhere to land.

I think and I drink and my tears plink onto the polaroids and postcards where we wrote our names in ink and you’ve brought me to the brink of insanity because I don’t remember how to unlink myself from you.

(I didn’t think the parentheses around us could be broken.

I wish I could see the ending of our quotation mark story,

our split second saga.

Forward slash into tomorrow, and I am on my feet again I’m sure.

I’ll walk away from our paragraph,

Indent into a new day...

Tomorrow, I’ll backspace this out of my mind

But tonight, [YOU] are in caps lock and I can’t change it

Tonight, I am a question mark

and i cant define me without you

The author's comments:

Artsy poem about grammar conventions? Pretty much.

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