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Loves Dies

December 11, 2018
By suga_yoongi_agustd SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
suga_yoongi_agustd SILVER, Marietta, Georgia
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we fight each day, a never ending battle, life is the butcher, and we are the cattle

i wanna cry

but i wanna be happy

i wanna die

but i wanna live

i wanna love

but i dont know how

i try and try

but my heart wont alow

i wanna learn how

but my heart says i cant

i wanna feel the wormth of your touch 

but this wish my heart can not grant

i love you

thats what i say

but how can i love

when i gave all mine away

before i met you 

i loved someone before

when i was with them

they where all i adored

but as time went by

our love started to fade 

day by day it slowly decade

then i met you

and you left me in awe

but even our love is beginning to fall

The author's comments:

i wrote this to my curent girl friend 

i havent showed to her but i want to

this was really hard for me to write cause it totally exposes me and i even cryed but i am happy that i did this cause if finally lets me know how i feel even tho i was the one who wrote it

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