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Ode to Oranges

December 4, 2018
By amycardenas BRONZE, Wilmington, California
amycardenas BRONZE, Wilmington, California
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My favorite member of the Citrus family

A delicious snack or maybe a quenching drink

In every way, shape, or form

I will forever recognize the distinctive and delicate taste

every single taste bud in my body waits excitedly

Rejoicing the moment in which we meet again

While cherishing your tang and pulp

To me you are more than a pleasant source of vitamin C

You are the color of enthusiasm and happiness

Perfectly suiting for an orange

As those are the qualities which you bring upon me

Never too bitter

Never too sweet

No one could ever do bitter sweet better than an orange

Its round elegance and tidy insides

Along with its vast health benefits

Are all evidence of its divinity

For what no other fruit could be

Oranges are medicine given to us by nature

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