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December 2, 2018
By Alaniss BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Alaniss BRONZE, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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Mother, Nevertheless twice in the running

In a place society misconnects reality

Where we do the things we are forced to please those who inspire us

No matter the hatred and disgrace


The home that everyone knew was home

Where the culture indulges you to stay close

To stay safe.


The time when outside was still our reality

When we didn’t have disadvantages of location

Where fun wasn’t with advancements


The lovely day that always has its climax

Where the towers fall and destroy with pain and misfortune


What consisted of White and a Witches Secret

The shows that filled the brain and hypnotized the mind

The opposite culture stereotypes to be hated by us,

Yet the cinema was adored by the wise


When life doesn’t go as planned,

The time which we wished to be higher, admirable

But realizing what we have,

And what we want,

Don’t always go together.



When we respect our mentors

And appreciate our blessings

Knowing others give what was never imaginable to get


We learn money and living to survive

We enhance beauty and our arts to strive

We empower our beliefs to comply with our pleasures and mind



And those protectors that keep our soles from bleeding and cracks

Sweet and bitter perspectives that kept us at peace

Diamonds, the two we keep in hiding from places far of reach

Because we know we won’t gain them again




And realizing that lies and advantages show us those aren’t our truths

Contradicting Achievements.

The children we birth to become our future, and all the unexpected children after

With love and worry about our future yet disregard that they need us too


Turn over,

With everything out in the air,

To be kissed and praised

So everyone knows we did this.


Our wishes and desires to do what those of us pressure society to indulge in when age is of matter

But realizing we don’t urge or undergo the desires everyone else conceives.



Mother. Period.


Managing to love our lovers even during times of war

With our given nature

On the days women like us are recognized


Our blood culture to be passed and traditionalized like the ancestors before us


Knowing there would be no other subjects we desire to discuss

The author's comments:

For my internship, we were required to interview the story teller in our family of our choice. I chose my grandma. The poem is created based on her answers of the questions. Every concept and detail is dedicated to her.

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