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Where's the Glue?

December 1, 2018
By Esmé GOLD, Petaluma, California
Esmé GOLD, Petaluma, California
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I’ve been crying too much.
Someone (not me)
Took an ax to the dam.
Sometimes, I look in the
Expecting rivulets to be
Etched into the planes of
My face
Canyons layered through
Blood and bone
I’d rather look like
A natural disaster
Than a human

When I saw the world
Like the first time I opened my eyes
When my hands knew a language
That my mouth did not
And I clung to handfuls of yellow
As my whole being pitched and rolled
Like a ship through storm
As I clung to handfuls of
That slipped through my fingers
Like they were never really
I wondered if afterward
I would be able to
Scrape myself
Off the floor.

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