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Tidal Wave

November 4, 2018
By InkyOwl GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
InkyOwl GOLD, Bloomington, Indiana
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Where Words fail, Music speaks.
~Hans Christian Anderson

Destruction rises up to fall
Upon your cities safe and tall
No time to run, no faith to save
It crushes life like a Tidal Wave

Towers strong and built with trust
Broken down and turned to dust
The walls fall down, fear floods the grave
It crashes in like a Tidal Wave

Pain's a force you can't control
Breaking borders, splitting souls
It wakes the dead, it drowns the brave
Comes rushing back like a Tidal Wave

Barriers arise once more
Thicker than the ones before
The death it caused, the lies it gave
This is the strength of the Tidal Wave

The author's comments:

Sometimes Life hits you with a Tidal Wave. When that happens, you can only hold on tight, and try to pick up the pieces that remain.

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