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Confined Curiosity

October 31, 2018
By Boxcar1 BRONZE, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
Boxcar1 BRONZE, Port Matilda, Pennsylvania
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The curious soul writes line after line,

ideals and creativity flow onto the page.

his existence infused with innocent serenity

and desire to present his creativity to the world.

The creative soul’s art deviates from the norm,

Teachers openly disregard his heart and soul

Poured out onto poems presented to them.

Hopes of honor roll disappear on the report card.

The soul continues to write- less frequently and

Void of the passion that used to fill his heart.

His pen starts to trace the lines written by society

To indulge authoritative figures in his life.

The discouraged soul avoids the poem above his bed:

“When brilliance conforms to societal norms,

No more shall be born and time will cease to exist.”

The clock on his wall stopped telling time long ago.

The defeated soul is hollow. Honor roll is no longer a dream,

But a reality. Nevertheless he considers his life meaningless.

His existence plagued by noxious anxiety,

He longs for the days he was scolded and disregarded.

The author's comments:

I specifically wrote this poem to resonate with people my age, while I do not feel like my creativity is being stifled, many do.

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