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October 31, 2018
By kmagic BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
kmagic BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Why do you do this to me?

Words flow out of your mouth

As sweet as a melody

Yet when they reach my ears

They scream at me

They are poisonous

Your smile

Your eyes

Your words

They are simply a disguise

For the horrible person that you are

On the inside

I can’t believe

That I would ever listen to you

The more words that exit your mouth

The more I want to pull my hair out

Shout at you

Beat on your chest

You turn me into an animal

This is not normal

Stop doing this to me

There’s no point in any of it

You are tearing me apart

Leaving me in pieces on the floor

Just leave me alone

Get away from me

Stop talking




The author's comments:

I was angry when I wrote this.

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