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Fall Jewels

October 29, 2018
By 0br02 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
0br02 SILVER, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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I enjoy Devil’s Lake State Park, the wonder and beauty —

ancient hills, with ever changing rock formations.

I see pebbles, sandstone, and slabs of quartzite, looming.

Laying on my back, a luscious blanket of emeralds —

sapphire skies, with ever changing pearly clouds.

I see a penguin talking to a T-rex, maybe it’s a mouse chasing a cat.

The earthy smell of leaves, trees, and dirt —

oak trees, with ever changing vibrant colors.

I see garnet, amber, and citrine colors, dropping from the trees.

The sparkling lake, a crisp, cool breeze blowing  —

diamonds sparkling in the water, reflecting back on us.

I see a pool of freshwater, dripping with topaz and tourmalines.

The jewels of Devil’s Lake State Park, the rare and priceless allure —

sapphires, diamonds, garnets, amber, quartzite, topaz, and tourmalines.

I see nature’s homemade jewelry store.

The author's comments:

I worked on this with a group. 

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