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I always thought

October 28, 2018
By ZyPanda SILVER, Somerset, Kentucky
ZyPanda SILVER, Somerset, Kentucky
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What a breathtaking explosion of light it will be when the stars all fall in love with each other.

I used to always think,
I wouldn't have to move.
I wouldn't have to walk.
Or take a train.
Or start a car.
Pay for gas.
Take a plane,
Or a bus.
I always thought the wind would pick me off my feet and take me where I need to be.
And when I was little, I thought I was a leaf.
Because they got where they needed to be.
And I was where I was needed always.
Then I grew older and the wind made me shiver in my shoes.
I didn't like the way it felt against my face.
And I didn't move I stayed where I thought I was needed.
Although I wasn't right.
So as the cold bites my nose and runs down my finger tips I don't move. Cause the wind can't pick me up and swirl me into another dimension.
I was stuck where I wasn't needed and I was alone.

The author's comments:

 My fav season is fall.

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