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October 20, 2018
By easmea BRONZE, Muskegon, Michigan
easmea BRONZE, Muskegon, Michigan
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I look at it and remember now that tattered dusty teddy bear.

My hand grasping around its throat, holding onto it for dear life.

That vivid pastel pink looking at me with shiny ebony eyes.

There it sat on my fairy princess pillow all snug and ready for bed.

Tiny in size, but filled my toddler heart till it burst.

Hiding mischievously under my bed while I frantically looked for my kidnapped teddy bear.  

My eyes welling up with tears from panic then relief as I hug Teddy tight in my arms; twirling around with joy that she’s finally found.

Then I climb into bed, tuck the covers underneath me, and kiss my teddy bear goodnight.

Now I wake up and there resting on a shelf, I look at it, and remember now that tattered dusty teddy bear.   

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