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The Blue Parade

September 18, 2018
By notTopher SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
notTopher SILVER, Flower Mound, Texas
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Elephants, elephants

Lead the long parade

While women and men

Form the masquerade

The troops march in

On four-four time

Within the Blue Parade

A circus on the streets

Complete with painted pachyderms

And incredible feats

Come along children!

It’s about to begin!

From Boston to Philadelphia

People will line up in memorabilia

Waiting for the Blue Parade

And Purple Masquerade

To make their way

Through the archway

And so it begins

First come the pachyderms

A beautiful sight from Himalayas

An arrowhead of three

An incredible sight to see

Atop the first a juggler

Juggling flaming rings

While his elephant sings

And the two who bring up the rear

Certainly have no fear

They walk on two legs

Led on a leash

By a jester balancing a gilded egg

Next comes the band

Led by a drag queen

Whose name is Bertrand

In an elegant dress lilac

With a plunging back

The band is in blue

A sparkling aquamarine

Playing music to set the scene

Thundering trombones

And triumphant trumpets

Clever clarinets

And bouldering bassoons

Sexy saxophones

And finally rhythms and snares

Met by incredible fanfares

Third is the troops

They pace with power

Under a confetti shower

They hold rifle in one hand

And a gleaming bugle in the other

General Murphy fronts his men

Like chicks and the mother hen

Atop his head is a green beret

And on his chin a flaming red beard

He marches ahead with no delay

Bordered by troops in green

Worthy of the English queen

The children follow

Dressed in brown uniform

The leaders of tomorrow

Maroon neckerchief

Pinned with a gold leaf

Distinguishes them

From the other children

They’re hard workers

They’ve built the first float

Adorned with patriotic pleating

They wave at the onlookers

A friendly greeting

And toss treats to the toddlers

Finally we find the world parade

A precession of floats

To showcase fascinating cultures

From around the world

Britain follows the scouts

A courageous caravel

Flying the Union Jack

And then we find France

It towers above the rest

And puts physics to the test

An Eiffel Tower on wheels

Awes the spectators

And it moves slowly on

To make way for Lebanon

They hand out rosary

And make their way

For Ecuador

To take the floor

And Italy must wait

For the passing of Kuwait

And Japan and Russia

Are followed by Ethiopia

But screams of glee

Means children can see

The next group

Of the moving party

Monkeys, monkeys

Lead the regal Masquerade

Up ahead the parade will fade

In the distance

For the Purple Masquerade

The revelers flood the street

With gilded masks

And half-full flasks

Suits of violet

And dresses indigo

Tell who is in the know

And who needs to go

Sweet Rosé 

and bubbly Champagne

Let you forget your pain

And the need to be vain

For in the Purple Masquerade

You get to trade

Bracelets of jade

For a date with a man self-made

Or a humble maid

The party lasts into night

Without a single fight

But a little too much wine

Has brought McArthur’s wife

And mistress together

In a fit of fury the flash of a knife

Is brought against another

And so at dawn the midnight ravers

Turn in their masks

Their beads, their flasks

And so ends the Blue Parade

And the Purple Masquerade 

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